The Mission

We, the Great Bertholinis, are about to start a journey across Germany. Accompanied by our canadian brothers and sisters calling themselves „Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People“, we will play 10 concerts in 10 days.

The Shows will take place at the following locations:
– Schlachthof (Kassel)
– Labim (Halle)
– Waggonhalle (Marburg)
– Das Bett (Frankfurt) together with Puts Marie (CH)
– Panam (Leipzig)
– Lovelite (Berlin) together with Reverend’s Revenge (D)
– E-Werk (Erlangen)
– Ottakringer Brauerei (Wien)
– Röda (Steyr)

Cousin Oszcar will start the engine of our rocking green vehicle at about 11:30 am on Thursday the 21st of February.

<img src=““&gt;
Well packed, indeed!

We are as excited as you are now. So let’s all see what happens during the next days…



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